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KBM Dance Workshops are commonly described as ‘the most entertaining educational activity’. In high demand across primary/high schools, colleges, nurseries, universities and even corporate events our dance workshops are a hit wherever we go. It is the approach of our experienced teachers that enables us to connect with such a diverse audience.

We can provide Bollywood, Bhangra, Hip-Hop and Indian classical dance workshops and even combine a fusion of styles within one workshop. This ties in very well with international days, cultural events, Diwali celebrations or even a themed occasion. We also provide dance workshops to western music with western dance styles which can work throughout the year, such as a mid-term fair, Christmas celebration or as part of an activity day.

Many schools often use the workshop training as part of a finale presentation to parents, guardians and the head teacher. Schools encourage the students to present their training and key skill development at the end of school or in an organised event where dinner and entertainment is also organised for parents and staff. KBM can deliver all aspects including décor, catering, live entertainment and even themed costume hire so everyone feels part of the occasion.

KSPARK also provides workshops in Indian cooking, henna painting, sari-tying and even learning how to play Indian instruments such as the Dhol drum and Tabla. KBM offer a variety of workshops that intrigue participants of all ages and backgrounds. Our teachers and tutorial experts are interactive, approachable and deliver exceptional workshops with all our clients.

Sally McPherson, Music Coordinator at Rathfern Primary

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