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Our entrance with the KSPARK Dhol players was fantastic. Your advice and management at our wedding reception was invaluable.
Emraan & Fleur Holland-Haque,
Bride & Groom

Create an electric atmosphere at your pre-wedding function or the reception itself, with our leading dhol players. The loud and intricate sounds of the Indian drum bring all guests together for either a groom’s entrance at the wedding ceremony, bride and groom’s main reception entrance or on to the dance floor for the after party. KSPARK are experienced in creating themed performances which involve dhol players. Whilst the dancers are performing, the drummers can be choreographed to enter on certain songs to further enhance the performance visually. Even for a grand finale with all the dancers, the live drummers and explosive choreography creates the wow factor.

For the after party setting, our dhol players will play a mixed set combining different genres of music that connect to all guests at a party. The sets can be tailored to your request and can include traditional Bhangra, House, Bollywood and some RNB. Depending on your preference the performance set can be anything from 10-25 minutes. If longer sets are required, a short interval break is required for the drummers. Visually and from a sound perspective, the more the dhol players the better. Dhol players can also be dressed in traditional attire or black tie to fit your theme.

Create a unique experience for your event with the KSPARK Dhol players.

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