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KBM Online

Karan’s Bollywood Masterclass (KBM) is excited to launch an online tutorial portal to all dance enthusiasts.
With increasing demand from our fans and followers across the world, you can now learn to dance KBM style in your own time.
Using your laptop or any mobile device, you can access step by step choreographed routines to help you become the dancer you have always wanted to be.

  24 hour and unlimited access to your videos
  Access via any mobile device or your computer
  You can choose to learn a song of your choice
  Perfect your movements by watching your choreographer perform the routine back
  Message your choreographer directly and get a personalised response
  Time-saving and efficient learning around your busy schedule

All choreography taught in your weekly KBM class, can be accessed directly on your phone or laptop. This package includes 7 in depth videos released over the course from your teacher breaking down the steps taught to you in class. This guide will further help you improve your technique, timing and all the rest. Get subscribed to KBM After-Hours for your new upcoming dance term. £15 per term (3 months).
Want to perform at a family wedding, birthday party or do a surprise performance for someone special but you live too far away from KBM. No need to worry! You can now learn a unique routine in the comfort of your own home. Whether it is a 1 minute or 10 minute performance, this is your step by step video access to the hottest choreography by Karan’s Bollywood Masterclass. Packages start from £75.
Planning a duet or group performance of 5 plus, but cannot coordinate everyone’s diary. Here is the no excuses way to get all your friends and family into gear for an epic/one-of-a-kind performance. Nothing can beat learning in a dance studio but if you have group members living abroad or too far away to commute this is the easiest way to put it together. KBM will deliver an exceptional performance mix for your group. Tell us your idea, we will get the music mix edited and create a special act for you. Packages start from £100.
Special Requests
If you have something else in mind which we have not yet mentioned above, please call our team and we’re happy to help create a special online experience for you.

*KBM Loyalty Members receive 10% off subscription   *Terms & Conditions apply to above subscriptions