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KSPARK’s attention to detail ensured the party ran smoothly
and even everything behind the scenes. It was a great success,
which will be remembered for
many years to come.
Keith & Cindy Jansz

Never let the English weather hold you back from hosting an outdoor party. KSPARK are experienced in delivering stunning events throughout the year. We specialise in designing outdoor marquees to fit the size of your party or even your choice of location. Many clients wish to hold their event at their homes and this can be designed around garden spaces. If the weather is great, why not have your tables, bar area and dance floor and food service all outdoor.

KSPARK’s creative team are experienced in adding a personal and unique touch to every aspect of an event, from your guest’s arrival, welcoming them to your event to even escorting them back to their cars and chauffeur services.

With outdoor events, we can create unique walkways for your guests, place a variety of food stations to suit the cuisine of your choice, a mix of live entertainment and guest interaction acts throughout your party, and not forgetting stunning décor that brings your vision to life.

Organise your party with our creative team that will be remembered for years to come.

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