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For some students dance is a hobby, extra-curricular, a way of fitness and some want to take their dance training and passion to the next level. In-class training offers all these elements and it is then up to the individual to further rehearse and excel in their own time. We have many students that start in the children’s class, have reached intermediate level and are now part of KBM Revolution (official performance group).

Karan’s Bollywood Masterclass offers a detailed dance assessment and analyses a student’s development in 10 focus areas; timing, energy, choreography pick-up, precision/clarity of movements, facial expressions, classical hands/mudras, team work, miming song/lyrics, home practice and confidence.

Each area of assessment gives a detailed explanation of a student’s development over the 12 week term at KBM. KBM dance teachers analyse the students development in class, at community performances and even at the annual summer showcase. KBM teachers look at the small but important details such as; has the student grown in these areas over the 12 weeks, are there re-occurring bad habits, what are the areas of improvement. Each student is given a grade at the end of the report. It is up to the student to work on the points mentioned and improve for the following terms report.

Student Term assessment £25. Must be applied for within the first 3 weeks of a new term.

Mr & Mrs Ramjee, Kingston parents

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