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KBM Revolution has been created for advanced level students who demonstrate a genuine passion for performing arts. It is the official dance troupe of Karan’s Bollywood Masterclass where students are given regular performance opportunities across all mediums including stage, theatre, TV and film. Training consists of a private class where students are accepted only by invitation or after successfully auditioning. The purpose of this training is to nurture advanced dance students into professional stage performers.

There are many factors we look at from applicants who wish to be part of KBM Revolution. We recommend applying for a student report so you can understand the key areas you need to work on in your dance. Also participating in as many KBM events as possible to build your experience and demonstrate your commitment to the school. Please speak to your KBM teacher if you have any further questions or wish to be considered for the group.

For those who want to take their dance to the next level, KBM Revolution is for you! Our dancers have had the opportunity to dance alongside the stars such as Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif, be the first Bollywood dancers to perform in Disneyland and perform at venues such as the Royal Albert Hall, Royal Festival Hall and 02 Arena. Underpinned by KSPARK entertainments places in KBM Revolution are limited, in high demand and continue to transform dance students into dance stars.

We look for individuals with exceptional skill, passion, professionalism and loyalty to promote and maintain the high standards of the KBM and KSPARK brand.

Would you like to join KBM Revolution? Do you want to learn alongside like-minded students? Are you ready to push yourself to your limits? These are the questions you need to ask yourself before applying for KBM Revolution.

Detailed student assessments can be applied for in class, please speak with your teacher.

Josh Kanda, Harrow