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In just a couple of hours, we managed to put together our
dream first dance. We trusted KSPARK and we're truly happy
with the outcome.
Raj & Sukhy Lal, Bride & Groom

First Dance Choreography, London, UK

KSPARK’s first wedding dance experience really does put the icing on the cake for a perfect wedding. We have found that despite the hectic period leading to the big day, spending a few hours with your partner in our private studios lets you focus on yourselves, have a blast and believe it or not fall deeper in love.  

KSPARK can beautifully choreograph your first wedding dance making it truly magical for you, the family and guests. Choose your favourite song or a mix of two and learn easy to follow steps that will make you both shine on the dance floor. Whether you want a classic ballroom style or push the barriers with a more upbeat dance style we will create according to your vision.  

Get your dearest friends and family to perform a special dance act for you. Not only will they have a blast with our choreographers, it will surely be a highlight of the wedding. Go the extra mile and contact us for family dance sessions today. (Online tutorials available for overseas clients.)

Let our choreographers create your dream first dance.

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