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Your efforts to bring us up to standard were a real success. The exec team excelled themselves and our performance was extremely well received. We really enjoyed the tuition leading up to the performance.
Brendan Walsh, Executive Vice President,
American Express Europe Ltd

A great way to get everyone off their seats, serves as a great ice-breaker, attracts everyone to get involved and creates an atmosphere like nothing else. KSPARK dance workshops work in many ways such as finishing a day of conference meetings or wrapping up a dinner gala. Led by one of our exceptional performers or Karan himself, the workshop is sure to get everyone grooving to some beats.

Based on our experience, you will be surprised at how KSPARK manages to get everyone involved, from a managing director, regional director to CEO. We follow a no excuses moto and by the end everyone is truly energised and ready for the rest of the event or an after party.

Our workshops will lead you through easy to follow steps and then leave you to party with new skills and more confidently than ever. We even turn up the heat with fun competitions which really gets everyone interacting whilst having the most entertaining and fun experience. Depending on your preference the workshop duration can be anything from 15-45 minutes.

Enjoy a fun and interactive dance workshop with the KSPARK team.

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